White Smoke

About The Book

Wren Reynolds, seventeen-year-old glue addict and and notorious “bad egg,” is intent on getting out of White Smoke.  She’s haunted by the ghost of her father, Mitch, as well as the possibility of her mother aborting the child she’s carrying with Mitch’s best friend, Jimmy.  When Wren’s boyfriend, Mareck, dumps her for a freshman redhead, she seeks an opportunity to peddle drugs for Mareck’s brother, Travis, to the residents of their small Arkansas town in hopes of saving enough money to leave White Smoke, and her problems, for good.

Mitch Reynolds, business owner, alcoholic, and lackluster family man, is straddled between two worlds: one in which he’s struggling with his designated roles as a father and husband and the other in which he’s having an affair with White Smoke resident, Aaron Hooper.  Mitch’s identity as a homosexual is difficult for him to accept, making his secret life with Aaron as turbulent as the one he has with his seven-year-old daughter, Wren, and his wife, Elena.  But through AA meetings, family counseling sessions and a renewed interest in raising his daughter, Mitch attempts to turn his life around until the moment it officially all falls apart.

Told through the eyes of father and daughter in two very different stages of their lives, White Smoke captures the love and loss that ensues when two people try to strengthen their connection with each other, worlds and time apart. 

White Smoke is my current project and is slated to be completed by May of 2014.  If you’re a publisher and would like to learn more about the novel, please contact me (Ericka) at ErickaTheAuthor@gmail.com.


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