Evil Teeth

They are so white

and so pretty

and fit perfectly

within two sets

of gums.

They’re rooted

just so,

and when the people

see them, they rejoice.

But here our little hearts

weep and wail

because truth

is a bitter sword

between our own


Not evil,

but not pretty either,

biting down on

cold steel

and tasting

the blood of

our martyred



I gathered you up,

a little pile of bones,

to whisper some things

that have sharp-edged me

into the thing I was never

ever before.

I sought to talk to you

until talking was a thing

that hurt my throat.

And never before

have I spoken

to a ghost

but the ghost

of you is all

I have.

And then God,

took my chin,

and touched my heart,

and “look up” was the thing

I did.

And never ever

Before did I seek

to be sought,

but then He saw me,

He saw the once was

of you,

And thought to do

the thing He always does.

He held me

while I