My name is Ericka, and I’m the author of Unkept and Dear Hearts. I’m also a former atheist who wrote these books without knowing God. Or hope for that matter. I’m now writing my next book, A Violent Hope, after a long hiatus from writing. You see, I thought I was to sit and suffer and stuff down my talent after becoming a Christian because I didn’t want to write Amish romances. I grew up on Becket and Plath for heaven’s sake. How does one un-know the truth of this world and merely glaze over it like a donut?
That’s when I realized the Bible is the ultimate truth teller. And it’s gritty. And it’s raw. And it’s about a real love that grabs a fistful of your hair when you’re sinking in the deep. That’s what I feel God is calling me to do. To use the talent He gave me, but this time to promote His faithfulness for the sinners, the wretches, the real and wonderful people of this world who need Him regardless of whether or not they know it yet.
This book is my first stab at redemptive fiction, and I hope to make it a true to life read that inspires Christ’s truth in everyone who reads it.
You can also find me at @ErickaTheAuthor on Facebook and Twitter.