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Hey, I'm Ericka.

A few years ago, God called me from atheism to follow Him. But even though I wanted to glorify Him with raw, real, relatable literature, I wasn't sure if there was space for me within the typical Christian genres.

So I started my own online bookstore.

I now write my heart on print and digital paper, offering my readers what I've learned about our gracious Father through the words I write on the page and showing how loved a person is despite how dysfunctional they may seem.

I pray my work blesses you.

- Ericka

My Author's Bio

Ericka Clay is a traditionally published novelist and poet formerly represented by Robyn Russell. She graduated from the University of Arkansas Creative Writing Department and is the author and publisher of several books. Her latest novel, A Bird Alone, is due to be published early 2024.

She's working on a new book project called Letters to My Former Self that you can access if you subscribe here.

Ericka has been awarded several times by Writers Digest for various short fiction pieces. She has written four novels (one of which placed as a quarter-finalist in the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest) and has had the privilege of sharing her craft, teaching writing classes, and holding writing workshops in the South Texas area.

Ericka lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband and daughter and an insatiable need to push buttons, both figuratively and literally.

Click here to see a list of Ericka's published works.